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Download Life S A Beach Then You Die PDF - Read Book Online

Life's a Beach Then You Die - Falafel Jones

Title: Life's a Beach Then You Die

Auteur: Falafel Jones

Date de sortie: 2013-04-22 07:00:00

ISBN: 641891430

Life's a Beach Then You Die - Falafel Jones Pdf

Max Fried is a former computer forensic examiner who devotes his time to swimming, drinking and bathing in the hot Florida sun, but today… it’s a real killer. A murderer is coming his way.

When a smooth-talking lawyer persuades Max to find a deceased client’s estate assets, Max takes the job, thinking it will be a snooze. Instead, an old killer with a new identity breaks into his home and steals the client's computer.

Max doesn’t know the computer contains clues to a 20 year-old murder but then, the murdering thief doesn’t know Max stored a copy of the stolen computer on his iPod. Too bad for the bad guy, the copy contains evidence that could get him the death penalty.

Now, Max is the last one alive who knows why people are dying. If he can outwit the killer, he can return to his bar stool on the beach. If not, he’ll be victim number five.

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